Grace New Covenant Apostolic Church

"Where There Is A Word From God"


The goal of the Grace New Covenant Institute is to prepare students for vocations in full-time ministry.  Our program is designed to provide a foundation in the Bible, Theology, Church History, and Ministry that will enable students to minister effectively in the church and other settings of ministry.  Graduates of the GNC Training Center will be prepared either to continue their training in Seminary or to enter positions of Ministry directly.  Faculty members who have had seminary training and/or ministry experience are available to provide further counsel to students regarding curriculum and career choices.

Grace New Covenant Institute offers an intensive Accelerated Study Program that is designed to help students 23 years and older finish their undergaduate studies in 80 weeks.  The programs and courses may be non-traditional in structure, student body, mode of delivery, and other ways.

The GNC Institute currently offers certificate programs in Theology and Christian Education.  The programs deliver 129 credit hours of study that encompass an interesting and applicable study of the Word of God.  Classes will require that students attend class from 6:00 p.m. through 10:00 p.m. one day per week.  To graduate, students are required to complete 178 credit hours.


General Bible Knowledge - Homiletics - Hermeneutics - Beginning Greek - Intermediate Greek - Old Testament Pt. 1 - Old Testament Pt. 2 - Ceremonies - Book of Exther - Book of Matthew - Book of Acts - Christian Stewardship - Understanding People - What Is Christian Counseling - Biblical Leadership - The Oneness of God - Eschatology - Five-Fold Ministry - Beware of False Propehts - Black Theology - Discerning The Times - The Anointed - Power of Unity - Destined To Glory - Armor Berer - The Garments of The Priest - Change Innovation - Dynamics of Anger - Worship in The Third Dimension - Alter War - Teaching With The Anointing - Effective Teaching Strategies - Seven Degrees of Christian ministry - Revelation of the Hidden Remnant - Christian Pastorate


If you are interested in attending Grace New Covenant Institute, please contact:

(614) 261-7291 or E-Mail

1643 Aberdeen Avenue, Columbus, OH  43211